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6 Best Skateboards in India with Price

Top 6 Skateboards listed here are: Strauss Bronx FT, Oxelo Mid-Tattoo, Nivia 801 Skate Board, Kamachi, Oxelo OXELOBOARD-BEGINNER and Guru Recreational Skateboard.
1. Strauss Bronx FT SkateboardStrauss Bronx FT Skateboard
  • High quality carbon ball bearing for a smooth ride
  • Colorful graphics on the board
  • Board size: 31 x 8 inches
  • Firm wooden base that won't give way
  • Excellent finish
Rs.999Buy from Amazon
2. Oxelo Mid-Tattoo SkateboardOxelo Mid Tattoo Skateboard
  • Glide performance: ABEC5 bearings 54 millimeters diameter polyurethane 92A hardness wheels
  • Easy to handle: Board size: 31 X 775 inches truck rubber made from 92A polyurethene
  • Durability: 7-ply wooden glue-laminate board, 50 percent Canadian maple aluminium trucks
Rs.3,999Buy from Amazon
3. Nivia 801 Skate BoardNivia 801 Skate Board
  • Design : Dragon
  • Board size: 24 x 6 inches
  • High quality ball-bearings for a smooth ride
  • Colorful graphics on the board
Rs.790Buy from Amazon
4. Kamachi skate boardKamachi Skate Board
  • Great combination of exercise and fun
  • Totally portable, and ideal for any skill level
  • Topline construction, with a high density wood deck, pu wheels
  • Medium size "24*6"
Rs.950Buy from Amazon
5. Oxelo OXELOBOARD-BEGINNER Unisex Child AccessoriesOxelo OXELOBOARD BEGINNER Unisex Child Accessories
  • Beginning waveboarding on tarmac Usable by kids aged 8 12 years old Comes with an excellent grip
  • Skate Board Comfortable Conditioning Easy to put on or take off Maintenance Stability
  • Limited to users under 100 kg
  • Good exercise to increase your cognitive senses of balance and synchronised movements
  • Made from premium quality material Long lasting product
Rs.3,499Buy from Amazon
6. Guru Recreational SkateboardGuru Recreational Skateboard
  • Guru Skateboards is ideal for Unisex
  • Fitted With PVC or rubber wheels
  • Variety of colours in mica
  • Size: 6" X 24"
Rs.799Buy from Amazon