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10 Best Cooking Oil Brands in India with Price

Top Cooking Oil Brands listed here are: Fortune Sunlite Refined, Saffola Active, Gold Winner Refined Sunflower Oil, Dhara Oil, Emami Healthy and Tasty Refined Vegetable Oil, Patanjali Mustard Oil, Sundrop Heart Oil, Freedom Refined Sunflower Oil, Borges Canola Oil and Hudson Canola Oil.
1. Fortune Sunlite Refined Sunflower Oil, 5LFortune Sunlite Refined Sunflower Oil 5L
  • Light and healthy that is easy to digest
  • Rich in vitamins, which keeps skin healthy
  • Strengthenes the immune system
  • Good for the heart
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2. Saffola Active Edible Oil, Jar, 5LSaffola Active Edible Oil Jar 5L
  • Additionally, it has the advantage of containing antioxidants such as oryzanol and vitamin E
  • Saffola active is a unique blend of 8% refined rice bran oil and 2% soybean oil
  • Losorb technology ensures a lower absorption of oil in your food
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3. Gold Winner Refined Sunflower Oil, 5LGold Winner Refined Sunflower Oil 5L
  • Contains essential fatty acids
  • Natural source of Vitamin E, Omega 3/6
  • Trans-fat free
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4. Dhara Oil, Sunflower, 1LDhara Oil Sunflower 1L
  • South, Low absorb technology
  • Vitamin A and D2
  • Natural PUFA
  • Healthy refined sunflower oil
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5. Emami Healthy and Tasty Refined Vegetable Oil Pouch, 1LEmami Healthy And Tasty Refined Vegetable Oil Pouch 1L
  • No Cholesterol with tocotrienols and vitamin A,D,E
  • High quality superolein manufactured by 7-Stage ERT, which helps maintain highest purity and retain plenty of natural antioxidants
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6. Patanjali Mustard Oil, 1LPatanjali Mustard Oil 1L
  • Oil of mustard seeds
  • Free from argemone oil
  • Excellent product
  • The quality is exactly what they claim
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7. Sundrop Heart Oil Bottle, 5L with Free 1L BottleSundrop Heart Oil Bottle 5L With Free 1L Bottle
  • Sundrop heart is the only blended edible vegetable oil which has been scientifically proven to help reduce cholesterol in 30 days and relevantly tested
  • Has less saturated fat than 100% refined ricebran oil
  • Has a good balance of mufa and pufa as advised by icmr (1: 1. 4 Vs 1: 1. 5) Thereby giving balanced nutrition and health
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8. Freedom Refined Sunflower Oil, 1L (South)Freedom Refined Sunflower Oil 1L South
  • National brand, Used finest quality ingredients
  • Suitable for all foods
  • Freedom sunflower oil is clear, light and low absorbing
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9. Borges Canola Oil, 5LBorges Canola Oil 5L
  • Rich in omega- 3
  • Lowest saturated fats
  • All-in-one oil
  • Lowers bad cholesterol
  • Helps in brain functioning
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10. Hudson Canola Oil, 1LHudson Canola Oil 1L
  • Light and healthy cooking oil
  • Canola is Canada's favourite oil - also popular in USA, Mexico, Japan, Australia and Scandinavia and now creating delicious food for the health-aware Indian family!
  • Healthy composition of nutrients, with Omega-3, high MUFA (monounsaturated "good" fats), lowest saturated "bad" fats and high Vitamin E
  • Trans-fat and cholesterol free
  • Does not change the taste or aroma of food
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